We Are Florida Watch

A progressive, digital-first organization voicing the concerns and priorities of everyday Floridians. Our mission: serve truth, hold our leaders accountable, and empower voters to create positive change.

What We Stand For

Freedom to be Safe

We need reasonable safety restrictions on gun ownership like background checks, permits, and training that keep our communities safe without banning guns.

Freedom to Have Safe, Secure, and Affordable Housing

Floridians deserve to have a secure place to call home. To create the economic conditions for Floridians’ success, the state government should cap rent, utility rates, and property insurance rate increases.

Freedom to be Healthy

Every Floridian, regardless of how much money we earn or who we love, deserves the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe– that starts with not having to choose between paying for basic necessities or seeing the doctor.

Freedom to Prosper

Working people and small businesses drive Florida's economy. It's time for corporate elites to pay what they owe, instead of price gouging us and keeping our wages low.

Freedom to Learn

In Florida, the freedom to learn means that our kids learn honest history in a safe, inclusive environment. We must protect academic freedom and provide our public schools, educators, and students with the resources they need to succeed.

Freedom to Vote

Floridians deserve the freedom to have a say in decisions that impact our lives. Voters pick our leaders -- leaders do not get to pick and choose their voters.

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