Freedom to Prosper

Florida has long been known for being an affordable place where businesses and people can prosper. To create communities where Floridians can comfortably live, work, and play, our state government should cap rent, utility rates, and property insurance rate increases so Floridians can establish their family’s security, create memories, and afford a safe place to live. With financial freedom, Floridians can continue making the best decisions for their families, homes, and businesses.

Freedom to Learn

Schools should be a safe environment where all of our children get an honest, high-quality education. While our teachers need a raise and our students need supplies, some Florida legislators are instead wasting millions of our taxpayer dollars in court to defend banning books, violating our First Amendment right to free speech. Instead of trying to impose their ideas on our children and classrooms, It’s time we fully fund Florida’s future. When we come together, we can shift our focus to delivering excellent, neighborhood public schools and leave decisions regarding students where they belong– with those students, their parents, and the team of professionals, including teachers and counselors, who care for them.

Freedom to Clean Water and Air

The Sunshine State is known for its beautiful coasts, diverse wildlife, and vibrant ecosystems. Protecting Florida’s environment is not only crucial for preserving these natural wonders, but it is also essential for the health and well-being of Floridians. Florida legislators’ failure to address the climate crisis, support renewable energy, and regulate polluting industries jeopardizes our environment and our communities’ health. From the Panhandle to the Florida Keys, Floridians should have the ability to preserve our local communities, our environment, and the places we call home without the interference of big government and greedy corporations who pollute our water. The state has already witnessed toxic algae blooms, rising sea levels, and the destruction of habitats due to greedy developers. Without swift action, Florida’s environment will continue to deteriorate, severely impacting our economy, tourism, and quality of life for generations to come. It is imperative that leaders take bold steps to protect Florida’s environment and work towards a sustainable future for all, free from political and corporate interests.

Freedom to be Ourselves

Every Floridian, no matter our identities, backgrounds, or who we love, should have the freedom to be our authentic selves. But instead of uniting us, certain politicians attempt to divide and distract us, hoping that we will turn against our neighbors as they attack our freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe . When we come together by rejecting these divisions, we can implement proven solutions that help all of our families. Florida doesn’t belong to those who pass discriminatory laws or use hate to advance their political ambitions. It belongs to us. 

Freedom from Gun Violence

True freedom means we are free to visit the grocery store, see a movie, go to work, and learn in school without fear of gun violence. But some legislators in Florida have put public safety at risk by making dangerous permitless carry laws that allow anyone, including criminals, to carry hidden, loaded guns in public with no background checks, training, or permits. We need reasonable restrictions that ensure responsible gun owners can protect their families and that our communities are safe and have peace-of-mind that we can be free to go about our daily lives. 

Freedom to Vote

No matter our race, background, or political ideology, Floridians deserve the freedom to have a say in decisions that impact our lives. Voters pick our leaders — leaders do not get to pick and choose their voters. Floridians have a constitutional right to free and fair elections, but certain politicians are breaking the law to attack our freedom to vote so they can get and keep power. To move forward together, we must ensure that every Floridian has the freedom to vote. 

Freedom to be Healthy

Every Floridian, no matter where we come from or how much we earn, should have the freedom to make private health care decisions without interference from politicians. But extremist Florida politicians have passed a near-total ban on abortion and blocked access to gender affirming care for Florida’s most vulnerable communities. Government should protect access to safe and legal health care and leave personal decisions to Floridians and those they trust. We need leaders who will put people’s health, safety, and real-life needs first and leave private health care decisions private. 

Freedom to Live the American Dream

Most Floridians look out for each other and believe in respecting and embracing people with the courage to move here for a better life​, no matter our color or accent​. Yet some politicians have sought to use our diverse communities as political scapegoats in their relentless quest to advance their own ambitions. Our Florida is one that is welcoming, one that believes in lifting up those in need of support, and one where we all have the freedom to live our version of the American Dream. We will fight for a future where all who call our state home can rest in the security of knowing we are all welcomed and accepted.

Local Freedom

Whether we’re from a big city or a small town, we know what’s best for our local communities. That’s why we are fighting to preserve our local freedom to choose what’s best for us, so the working people and small businesses that power our economy can continue championing solutions for the places we call home. We deserve to make decisions about what’s best for us without politicians in Tallahassee and corporate elites in boardrooms sticking their noses into our affairs.