Statement from Florida Watch on Governor DeSantis’ Signing of the Budget

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the budget, buoyed by billions of dollars in federal aid provided by President Joe Biden and the American Rescue Plan that passed with no Republican support in Congress. In anticipation of this expected action, Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach issued the following statement:

“Thanks to the efforts of President Joe Biden and his American Rescue Plan, today Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign a record $101.5 billion budget for the state of Florida. While Governor DeSantis will try to take credit for bonuses for teachers and first responders provided by federal aid from President Biden, what this budget represents is another example of missed opportunities to help hundreds of thousands more Floridians.

“While children throughout our state are crammed into crumbling classrooms and portables, Republicans in Tallahassee refused to spend more than $3 billion that could have been used on much needed maintenance projects in public schools. Instead they raised taxes on every Floridian by $1 billion a year. They also turned away billions of dollars by refusing to become the 39th state to expand Medicaid, which would lower the cost of care for all Floridians and extend access to quality and affordable health care to over 800,000 workers. 

“If a budget is a reflection of your priorities, it is clear Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans were more interested in raising taxes on everyday people and helping out their corporate funders than putting the needs of our families, workers, and seniors first.”


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