Statement from Florida Watch Board Member Sean Shaw on Ashley Moody Roundtable

One day after a new report showed that under unified Republican control of Florida state government violent crime in Florida rose for the first time since 2015, Attorney General Ashley Moody convened a partisan roundtable in Miami to attack a non-existent problem.  

In response, Florida Watch Board Member Sean Shaw issued the following statement:

“Attorney General Ashley Moody continues to make a mockery of her office. Today’s roundtable is just another example of General Moody putting politics ahead of the real issues that are facing Floridians.

“Whether it is trying to overturn the election or taking away health care coverage from more than a million Floridians, it is clear General Moody is more interested in wasting taxpayer dollars on partisan stunts than protecting our citizens from rising violent crime or scammers trying to rip off our seniors. Our citizens deserve better.”