TALLAHASSEE — Throughout his time as a politician, Senator Rick Scott has put forward policies which would harm the people of Florida. Whether it is his support for a national abortion ban and to repeal the Affordable Care Act, his plan to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it, or to raise taxes for workers and seniors while cutting taxes for the ultra-wealthy, Floridians deserve to know how Senator Scott’s extreme agenda would impact them and their families.

“For hardworking Floridians, freedom means having the financial security to pay for the medical care you and your family need, to plan for the secure retirement you deserve, and to know that everyone is paying their fair share towards improving the community you call home,” stated Scott Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “But in Washington, D.C., self-serving politicians like Senator Rick Scott want to attack those freedoms by interfering with your right to access the care you or your family need, putting your future retirement plans at risk, and giving tax handouts to their wealthy, corporate elite donors while you pay more for less of the benefits you’ve earned. The American Dream means that through hard work and determination, everyone has access to the promise of a brighter tomorrow and Floridians should hold Senator Rick Scott accountable for his extreme agenda that would break that promise for workers and seniors across our state.”