Governor DeSantis’ Press Conference – Statements from Florida Watch & Progress Florida

This morning, Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference inside a packed restaurant in Cape Coral to once again contradict scientific guidance on safety protocols amid a global pandemic.

In response to this stunt, Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo and Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach issued the following statements:

“Florida’s hospitals are pushed to the brink, ICUs throughout the state are at their limits, and doctors and medical professionals are begging Governor Ron DeSantis for help,” said Mark Ferrulo. “In Governor DeSantis’ mind, freedom means that you are on your own when it comes to combating the spread of this deadly disease. Instead of expressing empathy with the families who have lost loved ones or those currently suffering due to this deadly disease, Governor DeSantis continues to put his own presidential aspirations ahead of the health and safety of Floridians.” 

“Today, Governor Ron DeSantis took time out of his busy presidential primary campaign schedule of photo-ops and fundraisers with corporate donors in other states to spread dangerous disinformation here in Florida,” stated Josh Weierbach. “There is no issue that Governor DeSantis won’t turn into a culture war issue to advance his own personal political ambitions at the expense of everyday Floridians. Instead of addressing the numerous actual crises facing our state, Governor DeSantis’ actions today are nothing more than political theater that puts politics ahead of public health.”